About Us

The Egyptian entrepreneur Mr. Mohamed El Kasrawy established the Kasrawy name
as the perfect example of how an Egyptian family business can flourish the economy and makes its country proud.
Starting out in the automotive field in 1979, as Toyota's 1st dealership in Egypt,
a responsibility that the group has been honored to maintain since then. In 1988, Kasrawy diversified,
expanding its business to include real estate, and then Tourism and Transportation in 1995.
Kasrawy's forte when it comes to its cooperation with the top international brands is that it recognizes each brand's unique aspect,
the necessity to bring it in locally, and how to adapt it to the local market.
The results avow for these processes, and most importantly serve to transfer business know-how to the local market,
providing the best quality while maintaining local economies of scale.
Having its eye firmly on the future and thanks to structured investment strategies,
the Group is fast tracking to further success.